Three Duval County Ranches for Sale

The rolling terrain of South Central Texas has long been noted for its diverse brush and abundant wildlife. Residing between the Rio Grande and the Gulf of Mexico, Duval County is most popular for their scenic properties and trophy whitetail deer.

A good variety of brush can be found all throughout Duval County; including black brush, guajillo, persimmon, white brush, prickly pear, guayacan and more. Along with good soil and assorted native grasses, these features create a prime habitat for wildlife.

Home to many native and exotic species of animals, Duval County is inhabited by whitetail deer, turkey, quail, dove, javelina and hogs; along with exotic species such as blackbuck, axis, fallow, aoudad, oryx and more. The abundance of wildlife makes the area ideal for year-round hunting.

Check out these three ranches for sale in Duval County:

623.5 Acres Crandall Ranch | $1,028,775

119 Acres Toro Ranch | $232,050

937 Acres Dos Hijos Ranch | $2,450,000